Sandy White, Officiant Minister

Get Ordained

There are many online services offering individual ordination.  After researching many of these services, I selected The American Marriage Ministries service.  They offer a non-denominational ordination, and have excellent tools to help you with your Officiant business.

There is no cost to becoming an Officiant with  I do recommend getting the Wallet Minister ID and the Letter of Good Standing. 

I have never had to use the Letter of Good Standing, but understand that some County Clerks may request it to be on file.  The Wallet ID is good to show when doing ceremonies in parks that request admission.  I have found that they do not charge the entrance fee if you are there to conduct a wedding ceremony, as the Officiant.

Click on The American Marriage Ministries logo to link to their site and complete the application to become an ordained minister/officiant.  There is no waiting.  You will instantly be ordained.


The Ceremony

The ceremony is the most important moment of the wedding day!  What is said, anbd how you make the couple feel, is so important.  The ceremony that I use has been conducted hundreds of times, and the couples and their guests always love it.  The guests often ask the couples if I am a friend, since it seemed so intimate.  

There are many sample scripts for the wedding ceremony, and lots of add on options.  You will find some helpful scripts on website.  I am sharing the ceremony that I wrote, that I encourage you to try first.  You can always modify the ceremony to meet the couple's wishes and traditions.  

I always encourage my couples to let me deliver the ceremony without them seeing the script.  This allows them to experience the moment, in an intimate and special way.  

Also included in the Ceremony Library, are extra readings and ceremony traditions.  I try to keep the ceremony short and sweet.  The guests do not want to sit through a long ceremony.